Job Description

They are male team mates who work in the field of Heating-Cooling-Ventilation (Air Conditioning, VRV systems, Cooling Groups, Air Handling Units and Ventilation Devices) and automation, at the  After Sales Services department. They are responsible for carrying out tasks like operating the devices, the maintenance and training activities, the configuration of the services, the coordination between the service and the customer.

 Required Qualifications:

We want to work with candidates that

-must be graduated from the mechanical, electrical engineering departments of the universities    (4 year)

-must have a good command of / knowledge of AutoCAD

-must have  command of English ( preferably),

-can use office programs perfectly,

-must be exempt from  military services,

-have a valid  Driving Licence ( Class B )  and driving experience

-must be aged between  22-35,

-must volunteer  busy schedule and be accustomed to teamwork,

-have analytic thinking  and research skills and  must be open-minded,

-must be systematic, follower, successful in Human Relations and highly persuasive ,

-must be focused ,and  have high problem-solving skills,

-must have planning and organization skills,

-must have have no restriction to either domestic or foreign  travel ,

-must reside in Ankara,


    • Note: CVs of unsuitable candidates will not be evaluated


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